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What about you? Have you ever considered training in the Martial Arts as a means of achieving your personal goals but just couldn’t find something that was compatible with your interests and schedule? Typically, classes in commercial schools are large and the one on one (or small group) attention required to excel on a personal level MAY not be available.

What may be enjoyable for one person may not suit another so it is important to research what style, approach and type of instructor appeals to you based upon your goals and objectives. Martial Arts study is used as a vehicle for 'self' development’ by individuals of all ages whether it be for the study of a specific martial art, enhanced fitness, self-defense, cross-training opportunities, competition and/or quality of life. Our personal journey in the study of Martial Arts represents a multidimensional concept incorporating the individual's perception of physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions, all which are embedded in a cultural, social, and environmental context.

The martial arts offered through our academy focuses on approaches and methods that impact traditional fitness parameters such as cardio-respiratory, flexibility and strength as well as natural skill/performance related attributes, such as coordination, ability to use both sides of the body, timing, speed, balance, mobility, agility and eye hand coordination. Through the study of the ranges of combat our academy introduces you to highly enjoyable skill related movements and exercises designed to enhance your personal expression and goals. Using safe training methods that are non-threatening will challenge your body and mind to reach new goals.


Sifu-Guro Bill Hearst